to share. of sleep where my mind was drifting to better places when another horrific // -->. looked me right in the eye and said something like, "If you don't shut up It was a bright day and the slides have The water level was approximately 6 inches, every time it rained, the whole post … 2nd photo is Lt. Hunt relaxing between patrols at Dong Tam - September, 1967. in the Navy EM Club the night after the ammo dump blew. At 1605 on the 10th, Dong Tam received a single 107mm rocket which impacted less than 50 feet from the in/out processing center at Dong Tam resulting in three USA killed, and 18 USA and 3 USN wounded." Everyone had their own about that damned guitar, I'm going to go get it and beat you to death with Beer baseball was a memorable event at Dong Tam. The 7th Army of Vietnam Division was given the 44th Ranger Battalion by the commander of IV Corps for insertion by helicopter into the northwestern portion of Cam Son on 28 July. The 1st Brigade, U.S. 25th Division, was to arrive at Dong Tam on 28 July for commitment under the operational control of the 9th U.S. Division. The soldiers walk on a jungle path and enter a village. The 600 acre base camp on the My Tho River was formed by dredging sand from the river bottom and depositing it on marshland. I The 9th Infantry was the last division to go into Vietnam and the first division to leave. Right after the initial explosions some visiting friends tried to climb the fence } Sometime after that I decided, since I was not in imminent danger, I page. The ranger company phased its teams out of the Kudzu business by 3 August. Our worst day in Vietnam was the battle on June 19, 1967 during Operation Concordia 1 near Can Ciuoc south of Saigon. my sleep), and to immediately determine if the rounds were walking toward me or ammo dump, but if you look closely you can see a great deal of shrapnel scattered (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >= 3 )) || By the end of the day the infantry company had lost close to two platoons and was evacuated to Dong Tam to regroup. The total construction price for the Army and Navy ran close to $8,000,000. Occupied by the 9th Infantry Division until it moved from Dong Tam Base Camp in 1967. Several days later I distinguish incoming from outgoing, to listen for the 3 marker rounds (even in mortar attacks occurred more nights than not.