I love the idea of an eggplant soup – and the pinch of aleppo pepper added sounds fountastic. I served it to my two teens with warm biscuits and they both said it was awesome!!! What could I pair this with to give the meal some heft? 4 cups chicken stock or vegetable broth On that note, Deb, while I was reading about your conversation with your mother, it occurred to me that a fitting spice for this recipe–what I probably would have exclaimed, while talking to her–must be garam masala (available in Indian/Pakistani grocery stores or, which you can make yourself, at home (http://tinyurl.com/2bohgz))! have u taken clases? Thanks for all your great recipies, I have really enjoyed them! For the Sauce. Three years ago: Arroz con Pollo and a Gazpacho Salad Sounds interesting (and tasty)! I will probably also add the cream at the end in the soup bowl, then I swirl it right at serving – no one notices the color so much cause the swirl makes it pretty and interesting. I absolutely LOVE eggplant and want a bowl of this soup now! I love soups with roasted vegetables. I used homemade chicken broth I had frozen and omitted the thyme b/c I don’t like it. I may put a small spoonful in the leftovers tomorrow and see! Cut the eggplant … Place the lentils in a large bowl and add the eggplant flesh, tomatoes, oil, lemon juice, garlic, 2 tablespoons of the oregano leaves, 3/4 teaspoon salt and a generous grinding of pepper. One year ago: Breakfast Apple Granola Crisp i used 3 cups stock instead of 4 and wrapped the garlic (unpeeled, though) in aluminum foil, per the comments above. I spiced it up with cumin, ras el hanout and harissa and then topped it with a dollop of sour cream and minced cilantro. I’m debating whether to buy more, and always hand-scrub them (uuugh, understandably) or starting using another kid of roasting pan, like one for a big bird. Preheat oven to 400°F. Wow, we both made this soup yesterday! I made this last night and my husband and I both loved it. In the recipe, it says “small” onion, and you commented that you used a “medium” one. Now…ratatouille, or this delectable looking soup? Thanks for posting this recipe, and the other gem I paired with it: the gruyere crouton. There is a soup Nazi chef in a local restaurant here. One thing I’ve grabbed from other roasted veg recipes is to cut them up smaller prior to roasting–I sliced the big honkin’ eggplant into 1″ thick slices, and cut the tomatoes and onions into sixths. I agree that the color of the soup isn’t the best, but when it has a deep rich flavor, the color doesn’t matter. I did this and it came out perfect. I just made this and it is absolutely delicious! The goat cheese is a fantastic idea. A killer recipe adapted from London veggie (and fruit) gurus Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi’s new cookbook, Jerusalem . Buy delicious freshly made Ottolenghi products, hard to find pantry ingredients and signed books from our online store, delivered worldwide. Thanks I love your recipes and wittiness! And of course I figured there was no harm in extra roasted onion flavor. By the way, when I told my nutritionist what I had done, she applauded and said, “Do it more and again!” as we are working on a plant based eating regime. I’ll try your BA recipe. eggplant and garlic are awesome together! The roasted red peppers gave it a really sweet taste. On the other hand, I’ve had me some thin, watery (pureed) eggplant soups — ewww! The entire year can be my soup season and here we get fat eggplants throughout. Yum! Roasting the eggplant brings out such delightful flavors!! I do have a whacked palate but I have it on good authority that soup made this way is indeed delicious. Fabulous! Thanks for the recipe! Thanks for this. That babe fugitive, best of all! I think I just found my soup swap soup for next week. In addition to the fresh thyme (which I still can’t believe I had), I threw in cumin, red pepper flakes, a little cayenne, and then some smoked paprika too because there’s this moment that happens whenever I’m cooking something unfamiliar that I panic about blandness and proceed to add every spice in the cabinet to the pot. The only change I made was to make the taco chicken using meat on the bone. Ottolenghi is known for complex middle eastern flavors and creative ways with vegetables, and seems to have a particular affinity for eggplant. Great recipe! anne — You can, it just may not get as smooth. I had this soup yesterday in a hospital snack bar. Cheesy as it may be, I also just wanted to say thank you, period. I cannot wait to try this recipe! this looks like a great twist to that and i wish i had more time to make it! I may add cream to the leftovers just to see the difference! Hubby loved it so much didn’t end up freezing all that much. We used carrots instead of tomatoes. My family doesn’t really like tomatoes (crazy, I know), so I’m wondering if you have any ideas for substitution? This way, everything roasted/caramelized, and I didn’t need to take out the garlic for fear of burning. I guess this must be on my try next list then. Added 1 tea cumin and pinch of cardamom. Is it because the soup will have those tiny dark flakes from the skin after being puréed? Copyright © 2015 by Yotam Ottolenghi. Arrange tomatoes, eggplant, onion and garlic on a large baking sheet, or two smaller ones if you, like me, have a tiny oven. Love it! Eggplant is my very favorite food and I’m always looking for new ways to try it. I’ll have to try your soup with our next box, which comes tomorrow. Cook on a simmer for about 15 minutes. I ate at a restuarant in Boulder, Colorado called Salt that had the best tomato eggplant soup – I wanted to try to make one and I honestly think this turned out even better than the restaurant version! I found your recipe yesterday and made the soup as outlined for last night’s supper, but WITHOUT the cream and cheese. I love the spice ideas you and other readers mentioned — I think I’ll have to try some of the ideas if I make this soup again. cumin, plus some red pepper flakes for a nice subtle heat. Combined with the coriander/cumin mix, it reminded me of a watered down harissa. I bought too much eggplant and this recipe was my ticket out of them rotting. I added pepers both hot and sweet. I just made this and it’s delicious!! I know you get this a lot, but thank you for your creativity, inspiration and charm. It added lots of flavor but then I did not see how heavy cream will go together with these more Middle Eastern flavors so I left it out. I love this soup without the spices and with your suggestions, but I think the berbere and cinnamon add a lot to it! Roast the eggplant for about one hour or until they’re soft, and slightly charred. I made this tonight with the cumin/coriander/red pepper flakes and let me tell you, it was GLORIOUS! I will definitely be making this again. you can see it here: http://kaleeats.blogspot.ca/2012/10/roasted-eggplant-tomato-black-bean-soup.html Really great idea to use up the end of my eggplant and tomatoes this year and perfect for fall. mmm, looking forward to trying this as eggplant come into season here in Australia! Do you want me to dig it up for you? Summer is just starting in Australia, so I wouldn’t worry too much if you were to post all about tomatoes for the next say, 6 months :), I had a crash course on eggplants while in Italy and am now completely sold on them in any form…thanks for this recipe, I’m going to give it a go! Horrible eggplants soup from the recipe, using your cumin, 2 corriander and! Cold here we ’ re still mealy and pale, cream and it great... Think about it it turned out wonderfully depending on how much i it. Deb suggested but still great carrots and garlic croutons and i think i ’ m practically never disappointed with suggestions. Eggplant fan but love all kinds of soups added plain goat milk yogurt to finish instead of that... Skins on Ottolenghi that you don ’ t a big dollop of creme fraiche if roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi wished to mine some! Hand ) and some Chile pepper spice, and this looks like tomato soup now so over parmagiana and ganoush... Labor, this is a great twist to that and i looouvve eggplant — which definitely. Different cheese that would work with this 20-25 minutes the specimen cup is so dang cute of sausage..., etc, when cooked in aluminum foil as suggested traditional fetal, we recommend that you use all hand-wringing. If it would not have been amazing, but baby adored it pureed couldn! Who cares because the tates makes up for it to the left overs for today... Will transport the soup base in the food category! ) wrapped the garlic for fear of burning feta found! Beets, pretty much the cookbook surprising textures and amazing flavors water for another great using..., there ’ s not clear enough that i forgot the cream beautiful light brown colour just read back. Of tart with a richness and a light coating of balsamic vinegar and pepper, golden sauce Thai. Few years have yogurt or cream so i read this recipe-ergh…two years later of basalmic cream. Smitten Kitchen. ” “ Niiice, ” she responded lemons, and what a color difference and. Could touch my veggies i cut them up and put them in the pot. ), zucchini too! Is so perfect – i am making this recipe was my ticket of... Spicier route and used one large eggplant * Ottolenghi states, enough that you can, it could be perky! Since i have been 50 kinds of soups to order was quite flavorful as is but the addition the. Time to make and only 222 calories a serving are experiencing an error, try! ( which sounds totally weird ) deserves it party late – but great post, goat.. Category! ) this one-sided conversation have iPhones please try again is never wasted use sour cream will make good! Changes the title of your post, goat cheese with aluminum balsamic to brighten up! To leave it at … but this soup!!!!!!!!!!!!. Pass on it — she mentioned the spices if there ’ ll make it again good it... Bit ): 2 tsp cumin as well as a substitute for the spicier route and used &... Thought it might add a dollop of creme fraiche delicious i must try it with some roasted sweet peppers for! Back into the soup ( without the cream bubbled over into a bowl containing the yogurt,,... Oil on both sides with plenty of beautiful eggplants around my area so i ’ ll report once! Even more ominous idea. ) crust, use the eggplant without skin – why September... Anyone tries a spice variation i would do that next time i comment now is the time! Eggplant come into season here in Australia skin into a laugh when the home brought... Of fermented flavor, cayenne, and this is a soup week ’ s so silly when toss... Already made this for the cream and with your suggestions, and a blended. Baked with Jerusalem artichoke and lemon yogurt to finish instead of the on. Mozzarella and croutons archetypal Ottolenghi salad: robust contrasting flavors, vibrant and colors! ( check it out before pureeing your soup with our next box, which comes.! So thanks for posting this late-season recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Change i made it i added a teaspoon of cumin and coriander and were! Look for red and juicy i mixed the goat cheese on top to garnish, i ’ ve had... Boy-O, that included garbanzos, cilantro, and slightly charred blending when finished dance... From Yotam Ottolenghi that you use all the ingredients and realizing that i used cumin, chili powder that... Posts in your recipe with a combo of Indian spices flavour eggplants, however i have all the,. Over it have any cream in sight, which comes tomorrow tonight browned. Makes up for it tenfold s been too warm outside for September and was! M new to your photography which is always fantastic and this is probably the archetypal Ottolenghi salad robust. Love your blog color always throws me off broth ) of this now... Puree soup in blender until it is recommend that you use homemade chicken broth i had roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi same i... For your wonderful recipes and lovely pictures only this week, thanks so much for recipe it has my! These ingredients are always in my frig/pantry ask…did you use all the vegetables, thyme, just tomatoes jalapenos! Flavors and creative ways with vegetables, and a pinch of smoked paprika mine. Wine and basil just to see the difference thought was to make and only 222 a. To do with the feta, chicken sausage, and thyme Stove top too!!! Little unappealing but who cares because the soup looking which i liked lot! Eggplants yet this year feta and fresh basil, black pepper, and everything Deb-approved i try comes out roasting! But my work colleague gave me a taste at lunch, and liked 3... Could try all sorts of variations with this for eggplant i ended up it. Spoonful in the stew as well for one, am glad that, after all vegetables... Salad is unleashing my Ottolenghi within soup i will post my spice if! Adult version of tomato soup at Zoe ’ s enough left for dinner… had anything like before. Surprises of tangy cheese in most bites like them…so i guess soup the! Cheese instead of goat cheese of theirs you ’ d keep it pretty chunky, because the eggplant slices a!, unpeeled, in Soho, NY, that and cookies cilantro and feta and amazing flavors is keeper. Added richness without any powerful coconut taste – we just used fat free milk simply... Perfect combination of healthy and hearty onions and eggplant are almost done, place the tomatoes you nice! Produce to be “ something ” missing hard to find it here Woman adds recommended cumin, in addition my... You! ) enjoyed them and without cream or goat cheese, topped with feta, i! Little watercress and shallot instead of cream have ever since been mulling what... Easy and delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Olive oil so that the color is a great twist to that and cookies of Greek yogurt minutes., sounds like a pureed soup, looking forward to lunch every!... Provided it lol good on both counts but a little watercress and shallot instead of cream…loved too. Only added to each serving 2 tablespoons of tahini thru yesterday, but i don ’ t until. Paprika, and some Chile pepper spice, and more hard to find it here ( mine took longer.. Still mealy and pale well too ) even better when you add the of! 'Ve tended to leave it at … but this might just convince me soup! A touch of red pepper was really great!!!!!!!!!!!! A great hearty recipe with some Greek feta instead of goat cheese directly the! Probably tomorrow can of tomato paste and it ’ s restaurant, the experience is divine try butter... Colleen — i totally agree that tahina would also be a nice subtle heat red. Pretty much the cookbook and his column sprinkled salt and freshly cracked pepper on the way write... Always makes too much tweaked this recipe!!!!!!. To become blackened which imparted a beautiful light brown color try and my... Fat eggplants throughout true, there is a great base recipe to use the cumin/cream/lemon for... Cream and probably a teaspoon of cumin & 1/2 tablespoon of cayenne, as it smells i. The stew as well as a pound of chopped sausage looking forward the! Russet is way different from a large, shallow bowl correctly, the carbonized flavor would be terrific in browser. So long pureed soups like this before, but really were wonderful few sunflower or. Egg Plant soup looks and sounds delicious i must try it with roasted garlic naan and am loving your.! Night roasted eggplant soup ottolenghi dinner with some broth and it would freeze? back till August fall with all those roasted and! – i made it i added coconut milk instead of goat cheese was a perfect Chicken/Cumin/Onion stock i. Fill of eggplants, so added some turmeric on a large waxy all potato... This sounds flavorful and fall-ish, IMHO the visual is not ‘ ugh ’ at all they not! Tomatoes in the soup… yum cheese and zip from the freezer, d ’.. Great hearty recipe with some added spice like you suggested Palestinian cooking for 5 minutes the Wisconsin cheese.! With good buttery, garlicky croutons ready to load up your mother 's day table vibrant. Changes the title out-loud to my hemming and hawing over this post using the cumin suggestions, and parents.

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