The news report that Ming Jol-ik planned a murder-suicide on a national scale. Watch seasons and episodes of Hunter x Hunter online and join Gon Freecss and his friends on his journey to become a world-renowned hunter like his father. The current manga chapters have been composed into 36 tankōbon volumes in Japan by Shueisha. Within the 10 Following Days, Between Late April and Early May, 2000, Hunter × Hunter Hunter Association Official Issue: Hunter's Guide; Character & World Official Databook, Biscuit implied that all Hunter Exams start on January 7, Probable continuity error: the journey to the Heavens Arena would have lasted 3 weeks. [131], Gon and Biscuit head to Masadora, where "Chrollo Lucilfer" is registered in Gon's binder. UBTrollingMe. 5. Hardcore Genshin Simpacts. [45], Light Nostrade arrives in Yorknew City. 37 hours and 30 minutes before 01:27 of the third day, as per. The most recent hiatus began after its longest uninterrupted run of 30 installments ended with the publication of the 340th chapter on March 19, 2012. [123], After sunset: Biscuit, Gon, and Killua meet the Sick Villagers. Fond Ecran Hd Pc Fond Ecran One Piece Images Fond Ecran Manga Thème Manga Hxh Characters Hunter X Hunter Bd X. Informations complémentaires... More ideas for you Pinterest. [48], 21:33: Killua begins to suspect Majtani is playing possum. Her Guardian Spirit Beast manifests as a copy of her and returns with Fugetsu to the latter's room. Hunter x Hunter Set 4 (BD) Kurapika’s quest to wipe out the Phantom Troupe continues as the Ten Dons hire a team of professional assassins to take down the gang attacking the auction house. The results of the sixth round are announced, the, Gon arrives at the Hunter Association's HQ. 10 0. Tons of awesome Hunter x Hunter wallpapers to download for free. Netero, Morel, and Knov arrive within sight of the nest. Hunter × Hunter is an anime television series based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi which aired from 1999 to 2001. Killua vs. Gido (Killua wins by default). Nasubi announces an expedition to the Dark Continent led by Beyond. The Captain drops Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio in the vicinity of. [35], Zepile sells the jewels at the dealers' market. Hunter x Seven Deadly Sins Crossover Challenge . [89], Neon and her bodyguards leave for Yorknew City. [76], Gon and Killua leave for the Heavens Arena. Beans releases Netero's last will, which announces his resignation and some criteria for a new Chairman election. [9][4], Gon and Killua meet Zepile and take the contents of a wooden vault to the Preview Market. Halkenburg's aura is perceived for the third time. This was coming on the back of rumors that the first Hunter × Hunter film had been given the go-ahead, a completely original story with production overseen by Togashi himself. [106], 18:58: Gon and Killua argue with Nobunaga. [105], 18:57: Kortopi, Nobunaga, and Pakunoda arrive at the lobby of the Hotel Beitacle. Part of the information is unreliable, has been or may in the future be subjected to retcons. 1. Mizaistom Nana visited Beyond 35 days before the Black Whale's departure, scheduled for August 8th Mizaistom's conversation with Kurapika about moles then ought to have taken place right after the 289th Hunter Exam, whose schedule is known to have been modified to gather the necessary resources for the voyage. [49][note 6], Mito signs Gon's Hunter Exam application. Cheadle makes Beyond sign the contract she drew up. [62], 09:29: The five pass the third phase. [24], After sunset: The trio and Canary reach the butlers' residence. Leorio and Kurapika attended the meeting related to the Dark Continent one month before then, so around June 4th, 2001. [80], 20:55: Wing opens Gon's and Killua's Aura Nodes. The Phantom Troupe gathers to share information before dispersing again. [59], Around 12:35: Gon's contest against Sedokan begins. [23], The tramp from Meteor City is revealed to be innocent, and his fellow citizens blow themselves up together with 31 people involved in his trial. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Gon and Kurapika open the first gate, Leorio the second. [99][100][101], The Spiders stage their deaths, copy the auction items, and steal the originals. 1 Openings 1.1 1999 Anime 1.2 OVA 1.3 2011 Anime 2 Endings 2.1 1999 Anime 2.2 OVA 2.3 2011 Anime 3 Soundtracks 4 Site Polls [106], 18:59: Gon and Killua stall to prevent Pakunoda from touching them. Only the date is colored: The event happened as described, but the canonicity of the date is uncertain. Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episode 70 English Subbed Online Putlo.cker Strea.ming "Guts x And x Courage" "Konjō x to x Yūjō" (コンジョウ×ト×ユウジョウ) On-Air 日付 : March 10,2013 Gon and his フレンズ have teamed up with Hisoka and Goreinu to challenge Razor again. [37], Between January and September 2nd: Kurapika takes the first test to visit the outside world. 4.6 out of 5 stars 3. See more More Communities. Killua, Canary, and Amane arrange for eight blimps to fly towards Swardani City. With Issei Futamata, Megumi Han, Cristina Valenzuela, Mariya Ise. Kurapika and Leorio team up and defeat Tonpa and. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [57], 04:19: Gon forces Netero to use his right hand and falls asleep. Hunter X Hunter 2011 First Opening Song Singer: Masatoshi Ono daichi o fumishimete kimi wa mezamete yuku tenshi no hohoemi de tsuredashite! Netero completes the cycle before the sun sets. This would mean that the expedition to the Dark Continent announced by Nasubi Hui Guo Rou also took place on the day after the end of the election, possibly explaining why, contrary to Ging's predictions in Chapter 331, Pariston did not delay the end of the election. The Zodiac meeting with Cheadle Yorkshire as Chairman in Chapter 340 seems to take place right after the day of the election, as the Zodiacs forgot that Pariston was no longer Vice Chairman and Cheadle had yet to choose hers. [147], Ten days later, at 15:05: The card data of Tsezguerra's team is eliminated. Killua and Illumi have a showdown at the hospital. Hunter x Hunter (2011) ED 3 Full [Reason] AMV. | Full season and episodes - free online streaming fast high quality legal movies and TV television shows [81], Ten minutes later: Killua vs. Sadaso (Killua wins by default). Part of the information is unreliable, has been or may in the future be subjected to retcons. It is said the hiatus will be brief as Togashi does not want the new anime series to catch up to the manga. 50,491 Members . [28], July 7th: Killua Zoldyck is born. [108][109], At sunrise: Chrollo begins traveling eastward. Public Chatrooms . [61], 15:47: Hisoka passes the third phase. Partner institution members: Login to download this book. [58], 10:11: Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio enter Trick Tower. [94], Gon and Killua participate in a silent auction. The song is also used as the theme song for the second movie The Last Mission. The, The Zodiacs take provisions against invalid votes. Killua, Knuckle, Ikalgo, Palm, and Meleoron regroup and decide to stay at the palace. Reputation. Watch Hunter X Hunter Free Online. Gon redeems his Hunter License and leaves it in a safe-deposit box with Ging's. The Extermination Team takes Komugi hostage while Gon runs to Peijin with Neferpitou. This is a wiki where everyone can help out by adding and editing articles! Three members of a TV crew attempt to shoot a documentary in NGL and are arrested. [112][113], Gon and Killua pass Tsezguerra's tryouts. [145], Roughly one hour after sunrise: Tsezguerra's team opens hostilities against the Bombers. Mateus Arruda Aragão. Related Wiki entries. An anime adaptation of the series was produced by Nippon Animation and was aired on Fuji Television for 62 episodes from October 16, 1999, to March 31, 2001. [36], 20:11: Hisoka's Ren prevents Gon and Killua from registering on the 200th floor. [26], Ging and his friends create Greed Island. Even if the Zodiacs' meeting was retconned to have taken place on the day of the Selection and the day right before the election, and Ging's meeting with Beans in Chapter 320 two days before then, the travel time of Cluck's pigeons and of the voters or the Zodiacs going off-site would remain inconsistent (excluding Nen abilities). Meruem and the Royal Guards take over the. Killua challenges the Heavens Arena for the first time. The Extermination Team members hold a strategy meeting. [36][note 9], Gon and Killua register at the Heavens Arena. [40], Around June: The Phantom Troupe gathers in its entirety for the last time in three years. Netero and Meruem reach the military testing site. Beyond hands himself over to the Zodiacs. [43][note 12], 21:00: Gon and Killua's competition ends with Gon as the victor. [8], One week later, night: Kurapika begins the exit test with Pairo as his partner. 4:56. The duo and Zushi reach the 50th floor. [98], Four hours after Neon slips away: Gon and Killua escape from Nobunaga. Maria Admirmen. One day later, after sunrise: Gon, Killua, and Biscuit leave Greed Island. Killua's travel time is inconsistent: according to the timeline, it took him several more days to reach his home than to do the return journey, despite Illumi's interference. [136], Roughly one hour later: The Bombers steal cards from Tsezguerra's team. [84], One day later: Gon opens Ging's metal box. It again entered hiatus on June 7, 2010, ending with its re-serialization in August 2011. [128], Feitan, Franklin Bordeau, Kortopi, Phinks, Shalnark, and Shizuku Murasaki enter Greed Island illegally, but are teleported away by Razor. [110], Gon and Killua are failed by Tsezguerra and begin to work on their Nen abilities. [47], Muherr makes Golem's acquaintance. [135], 20 minutes later: Gon trades a "Witch's Love Potion" for Kazsule's " Book of V.I.P. Camilla and Benjamin are confined to the VVIP area. Following. Any form of entertainment, information, or discussion centered around the world of HxH is welcome here. Kurapika's meeting with Zhang Lei terminates. Three DVD OVA series were produced by Nippon Animation, adapting subsequent chapters of the manga, up to the 185th chapter. [122], Gon and Killua meet Biscuit and depart for Masadora. However, they did not seem to know about Beyond Netero's involvement, as supported by the timing of the request to the Hunter Association. [2], Hisoka tricks the Troupe into remaining in Yorknew. $5.99 shipping. [55], 20:05: Beans announces when Trick Tower will be reached. Gon and Killua resume their Nen training. Meruem beats the national shogi champion. Welcome to the Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia Wiki, a wiki dedicated to the Masō Gakuen HxH light novels and the manga and anime produced from it and as of 27/03/2020 all other series by Masamune Kuji including Ecstas Online, Maou Gakuen Rebel and Tensei Maou no Juliet. [120], Kazsule steals "Sword of Truth" from Gon and Killua. D&D Beyond v.6 (1815). [107], Before midnight: Hostage exchange. Public Chatrooms . The results of the third round are announced. Hunter x Hunter. Gon and Killua accompany Knuckle and Shoot to the border of NGL. [38], Roughly within the next five hours:[8] Kurapika and Pairo shop and confront the thugs before being chased out of the city. Departure!, OP, Hunter × Hunter (2011), lyrics,song lyrics,music lyrics,lyric songs,lyric search,words to song,song words,anime music,megumi hayashibara lyric She and her granddaughter follow Killua's blimp. Hunter x Hunter ed 6.1. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. From this it can already be inferred that events occurring in one same chapter are not necessarily synchronous, another example being Leorio and Kurapika's invitation to join the Zodiacs.

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