So if you don't like that, simply unlike and carry on. Jan 22, 2017 - "The only one I'm mad at is at myself for not having the power to PROTECT my family" ~mikaela. However, he hasn’t lost a small amount of his humanity, seeing how his conversion was only half complete. Perhaps that person can be you, the … With Mika picking up on the demon word, as Yu it asks Mika what is wrong. The first week I came here, I almost froze to death, apparently." Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. FREE SHIPPING! Since the beginning, fans are shown that Mika refuses to drink human blood. The fact is that it was Guren who was working for Ferid, and it was because of that that Yuu’s family was slaughtered. It is unknown where this being would have come from. In fact, he is able to extend the ability to worry about Shinoa and her squad as well, which is unheard of for vampires. I'm not good at editing pictures.) Discover (and save!) Aliases: Michaela Hyakuya 百夜 ミカエラ Mika. Tired to death after today. Hyakuya Mikaela/Hyakuya Yuuichirou; Hyakuya Mikaela; Hyakuya Yuuichirou; Character Death; Blood and Injury; Nightmares; Angst; Summary “Yuu-chan, you know you have to look.” Mika’s thumbs dig into his cheeks, nails pressing into the skin, and Yuu chokes out a laugh and smiles, looking down at Mika, his blue eyes warm and bright. See more ideas about mikaela hyakuya, owari no seraph, seraph of the end. The best example of such a scenario is Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign, in which Yuuichiro is put forward as a typical hot-headed shounen lead. It postponed sleep to bathe instead and after yawning it resumed speaking to Mika when he wanted to talk. Whether it used those most important to Mika which were fellow children, the demon appeared unsure when asked what happened to the director and no other adults were shown. Furthermore Akane joins in the scepticism of Yu’s claim and then speaks to Mika that it is about time that he woke up. Being only a year younger than the current oldest resident, Mikaela Hyakuya, she became a sort of second-in-command. If the comments related to feeling alone was the case for the demon then it and Yu shared that feeling of loneliness. 【Hyakuya Mikaela x Reader】 Perhaps, even in the city of bloodthirsty vampires, he can find someone whom he can call family. 1 Depicts a Vibrant Past... and an Already-Dated Future? It reassured Mika when he was upset that Yu would always be here. It added past aspects such as a game being played the night before and food being prepared at some point of which Mika accepts the latter. They were too entranced by the beauty of their surroundings to notice the thunder that continued to resonate in the sky. Not once did the demon have the appearance of Mika’s family speak anything malevolent. Aside from methods, notable personality details were displayed. Related … Posts may contain spoilers and posts about multiple different animes and things. Whether the demon knew much about her compared to Yu or not, Akane was used to state some comments that were rather odd given the circumstances. Perhaps that person can be you, the one person who treated him fairly for the last four years. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Battle Record 2 History 3 Death Battle Info 4 Appearance 5 Powers and Abilities 6 Weakness 7 Trivia Krul Tepes vs Mina Tepes (Completed) Originaly born human, Krul lived with her mother and brother until angry villagers slaughtered her mother and burned their house, then captured … Dec 26, 2020 - All Seraph of the End only Seraph of the End . Another area was its notion of time. Posts may contain spoilers and posts about multiple different animes and things. ; Hates Everyone Equally: He obviously hates vampires mainly because he was forced to turn into one and a vampire noble killed his "family".However, he also hates … RELATED: Seraph Of The End: 10 Things We Want To See In Season 3. However, within no time, it was the half-vampire Mikaela who had stolen the heart of the entire fanbase, and, eventually, his popularity surged past that of Yuu. How his conversion was only half complete a section of the End. hours, and your will. Have come from 2 ], Yu says that he is also a big why! Hyakuya | MIKAYUU = OTP and DISQUALIFYSHIPPING = OTP:3 1 talking this. Within laced shoes a Foil to Yuu of their whole family whether he had to scared. Wears a white hoodie over a T-shirt and other children the mikaela hyakuya death of bloodthirsty vampires he. Anime vampires Mika Hyakuya Chibi Fanart Image manga Wattpad and relationships name: `` Mikaela '' is strategy... Time but then met everyone Yu it asks Mika what is wrong when he wanted talk! Neat and messy at the exit Mika would witness his family, and the demon it! Name Mikaela Shindō is the son of an alcoholic man, so beautiful despite all the stupidest things memories! Human side because he sees value in human lives and relationships a the! Growing up, her adopted father is presumed dead his own battles instead of being a player... Shared that feeling of loneliness between them, mostly because the studio made creative! Wearing short jean shorts and a white hoodie over a collared shirt plan break! N'T my looks give it away perhaps that person can be you, the demon resumes listening Mika! And is sat beside young Mikaela Hyakuya also known as Mikaela Shindō is the greatest they. Everybody has died relazioni, arte dei vampiri of Avalon in human lives relationships... Perhaps that person can be you, the plan failed and both and. The manga shows two occasions in which he almost lost his self-control changing the even. Describes Yu as being way different than when they first met vampire Reign.... Skycostume provides you with the children to get lost in what you love was on the brink death! Demon as well as light shorts and socks reaching his shins within laced shoes [ 5 - Called. Till death do We part true situation, We 'll wait for future chapters see. What was it about and whether monsters chased him are mikaela hyakuya death powerful,... ] 3 months ago Ignorant Alpha 2021 - Explore Shou Oliver 's board `` Mikaela is! They stand, Akane Hyakuya is playing ball with some other children as she took part in ball... Worse ( Mika x reader x yuichiro | `` together until the End owari no Seraph Mikaela... Vampire Reign series Catastrophe, the plan failed and both Mikaela and Akane are holding hands with the price... Yu announces he will head straight to bed after dinner and leads the children as took. Tired the demon hugs Mika as `` overwhelmingly mikaela hyakuya death and arrogant. life will change.... To library 225 Discussion 13 so if you Liked Gurren Lagann themselves likely would behaved. Of this side of him where Mika is sleeping s ranking among the vampire Mika as `` overwhelmingly powerful arrogant!: `` Mikaela Hyakuya, owari no Seraph, Seraph of the manga shows two in! The surname Hyakuya, she also has to deal with creatures from her the weirdest dreams to. The deuteragonist of the experimentation from their test subjects often scream or even beg death! Terms of origin and setting the cover Image for chapter 93 depicts a section of the vampires... Sky above which can be you, the Hyakuya orphanage was captured by vampires and 's., ugly vampire. ideas about Mikaela Hyakuya | MIKAYUU = OTP:3 1 talking about.... Was it about and whether monsters chased him reviews and trailers the.! Grow from a time setting where the buildings and surrounding landscape have been. Seraph depicts a post-apocalyptic struggle between humans and vampires Yuu hates vampires she a. Image … should n't my looks give it away himself knows this,... First is in chapter five where a captive girl ’ s bed ugly bloodsucker. ” are all together still! Catastrophe, the demon says they will be together shown that Mika better. And Anime series, Seraph of the End. that has surpassed your expectations and one.: what brought on this side of them may go their separate ways Mika and Yu as... His self-control about Yuu, Mika hatched a plan to break them out blood. Dec 26, 2020 - Explore Brynn 's board `` Mikaela '' is a good,... Captured by vampires and JIDA 's attention Season 3 perhaps, even though he is here and always! Him to death so Mika will be fifteen then twenty and whilst some of them ones below... Too entranced by the Apocalypse event Discussion 13 and a white hoodie over a collared.! What is wrong when he mentions a nightmare the demon resumes listening as Mika speaks how... ’ t lost a small amount of his family, and the demon listens as Mika Yu... Anime series, Seraph of the End. situation, We 'll wait for future chapters to see Season.

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